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Broccoli Stem

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Broccoli Stem.
Charred Broccoli. Chicken Skin. Pecorino.

30 Second Chocolate Cake

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30 Second Chocolate Cake.
Brown Butter Puree. Parsnip Ice Cream. Toasted Coconut Crumble.

This Months Sunday Supper

16 May 2010

Olive Oil Poached Scallop.
Avocado. Passion Fruit Vinegar.

English Pea Custard.
Parmesan Puff. Johns Pancetta.

Chicken Thigh.
Guajillo Broth. 64.5° Egg Yolk. Chicken Skin Cracker.

Black Garlic Crumble. Broccoli. Smoked Aioli.

Aerated Cream Cheese.
Carrot Cake. Toasted Coconut Milk. Raisin. Brown Butter-Carrot.

30 Second Lemon Sponge Cake.
Whipped Strawberry. Black Pepper Custard.

04 March 2010

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04 March 2010

Some photos from a dinner last nite for a group of seven ladies. Forgot to snap a couple of the courses. I think I was too busy eavesdropping on the conversations. Full menu…

Beets and Apples in Textures.
Walnut Yogurt. Beet Greens.

Parmesan Velouté.
Asparagus Salad. 63º Egg. Lemon Confit.

Twice Cooked Scallop.
Chicken Skin Crumble. Spring Carrots.

Roasted Peanut Custard.
Grape Jam. Candied Celery. Banana Ice Cream. Chocolate.