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Photos by John Hutchinson

Broccoli. Black Garlic Crumble. Smoked Aioli.

Chicken Thigh

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Chicken Thigh.
64.5° Egg Yolk. Chicken Skin Cracker. Guajillo.


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Photos by John Hutch

Chick Pea. Tahini Powder. Cucumber. Pita. Parsley.

This Months Sunday Supper

16 May 2010

Olive Oil Poached Scallop.
Avocado. Passion Fruit Vinegar.

English Pea Custard.
Parmesan Puff. Johns Pancetta.

Chicken Thigh.
Guajillo Broth. 64.5° Egg Yolk. Chicken Skin Cracker.

Black Garlic Crumble. Broccoli. Smoked Aioli.

Aerated Cream Cheese.
Carrot Cake. Toasted Coconut Milk. Raisin. Brown Butter-Carrot.

30 Second Lemon Sponge Cake.
Whipped Strawberry. Black Pepper Custard.

04 March 2010

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04 March 2010

Some photos from a dinner last nite for a group of seven ladies. Forgot to snap a couple of the courses. I think I was too busy eavesdropping on the conversations. Full menu…

Beets and Apples in Textures.
Walnut Yogurt. Beet Greens.

Parmesan Velouté.
Asparagus Salad. 63º Egg. Lemon Confit.

Twice Cooked Scallop.
Chicken Skin Crumble. Spring Carrots.

Roasted Peanut Custard.
Grape Jam. Candied Celery. Banana Ice Cream. Chocolate.

Sunday Supper #14

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Photos by Sammy B.

13 September 2009

“Grilled Cheese with Tomato”

Sweet Corn Risotto.
Mascarpone. Ginger Froth.

Sea Scallop.
Marcona Almond Crust. Brown Butter Puree.

Compressed Melon.
Pork Belly. Coconut.

Braised Beef Cheek.
Parsnip Puree. Dr. Pepper.

Gorgonzola Dolce.
Strawberry. Olive Crumble.


Sunday Supper #14 (Vegan)

16 August 2009
Vegan Sunday Supper

Ajo Blanco.
Compressed Melon. Marcona Almonds. Mint.

Beet “Tartare.”
Golden Yellow Beet Puree. Pistachio Crumble. Citrus.

Heirloom Tomato Salad.
Yellow Brandywine Tomato Sorbet. Avocado Pudding.

Celery Root Tortellini.
Pickled Apple Puree. Celery Leaf.


Chanterelle Mushroom Confit.
Fingerling Potatoes. Cipollini Onion Jam. Black Garlic Milk.

“Peaches and Cream”

Parsnip “Panna Cotta”.
Dark Chocolate. Coconut. Roasted Hazelnuts.

Sunday Supper #13 (Corn Menu)

Photos by Sammy B.

28 June 2009
Corn Menu

Sweet Corn “Crème Brulee”
Bacon Sugar Crumble. Charred Scallion Ice Cream.

Roasted Corn Soup.
Hush Puppy. Chili Oil. Crispy Mint.

White Corn Agnolotti.
Black Pepper Pasta. Brown Butter Puree. Yellow Corn.

Pan Roasted Halibut.
Summer Succotash. Charred Onions. Red Pepper Broth.

Cornmeal Pudding.
Blackberry Pearls.

Cornbread Ice Cream.
Blueberries. Brown Butter.

Sunday Supper #11

Photos by John Hutchinson and Sammy B.


Compressed Gala Apple.
Gorgonzola. Almond Milk. Aged Balsamic. Arugula.

Green and White Asparagus Panna Cotta.
Ramp Puree. Asparagus Salad.

“Fish ‘n Chips.”
Potato Crusted Cod. Malt Vinegar Emulsion. White Beer Bubbles.

Twelve Hour Braised Belly of Pork.
Peas and Carrots. Coconut Milk.

“Peanut Butter and Jelly.”
Grape Sponge. Peanut Butter Ganache. Toast Puree. Peanut Caramel.

Dark Chocolate Semifreddo.
Ricotta Sorbet. Olive Sugar Crumble.

Easter Bread and Ricotta Pie

A couple years ago, Rachel compiled a cookbook for me riddled with recipes handed down from my family. The most sacred of all these recipes come from my grandmother who was a tremendous cook. She was just like one of those fabled Italian grandmothers you always read about, and the majority of her days would be spent in the kitchen cooking and baking and rolling out pasta. During the holidays, she would turn out some of her best creations.

In an attempt to reproduce her Easter Bread a good number of years ago, as a less accomplished cook, I killed the yeast and produced something borderline inedible. That experience scarred me for a long time and I strayed away from making any kind of bread. Since then, however, I’ve become a much better cook and this year I decided to give it another go. Along with the Easter bread, I made another one of her Easter treats, a Ricotta Pie. I love how both are perfectly perfumed with citrus.