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Easter Bread and Ricotta Pie

A couple years ago, Rachel compiled a cookbook for me riddled with recipes handed down from my family. The most sacred of all these recipes come from my grandmother who was a tremendous cook. She was just like one of those fabled Italian grandmothers you always read about, and the majority of her days would be spent in the kitchen cooking and baking and rolling out pasta. During the holidays, she would turn out some of her best creations.

In an attempt to reproduce her Easter Bread a good number of years ago, as a less accomplished cook, I killed the yeast and produced something borderline inedible. That experience scarred me for a long time and I strayed away from making any kind of bread. Since then, however, I’ve become a much better cook and this year I decided to give it another go. Along with the Easter bread, I made another one of her Easter treats, a Ricotta Pie. I love how both are perfectly perfumed with citrus.